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Molly's Corner

First let me say that I named Molly when he was just a few weeks old.  But shortly after his first molt I noticed he had a dark orange patch on each of his cheeks.  It was then that I first realized my little girl was actually a boy!  However, by that time, I just couldn’t change his name because in my heart, Molly was always going to be Molly.

Molly was the first bird I ever owned and I can honestly say that my home will never be birdless again.  Molly got lead poisoning three times within the first two years of his life.  Each time I was devastated.  On one occasion, I was told that he had lead poisoning and may not be able to make it through the night.  At that time my poor Molly could not walk or even sit on his perch.  I remember staying up all night just crying.  Fortunately with God’s help, a miracle happened and Molly slowly began getting better.

I began trying to figure out where Molly could have possibly gotten lead poisoning.  Not knowing much about lead poisoning and feeling extremely hopeless and confused I decided I would change his cage.  It was then that I also decided I was not going to allow Molly to play with any toys that had metal on them.  Thus, I took apart each of his toys that had metal parts and reconstructed them with wood, leather, plastic and other natural parts.  Later I began creating brand new toys for him from scratch.  Molly just loved them.

Well, one thing led to another and Molly soon had his own company, appropriately named Molly’s Bird Toys.  I am proud to say that today “Molly’s Bird Toys” have developed quite a fan base.  In fact, “Molly’s Bird Toys” are being sold at some of the largest bird stores in the country.

Molly remains healthy and strong and he is the love of my life.  Fortunately the lead poisoning didn’t have any permanent effect on his neurological function.

Molly loves to take a shower.  He likes to eat spinach, egg whites, carrots, lima beans and of course beak appetite. He hates the turtles in the movie finding Nemo, the jingle in the Toys R Us commercial, and plastic bags.

Molly getting a scratching
Molly getting a scratching
Molly in a perfect pose
Molly in a perfect pose
Molly's Birthday
Molly's 1st birthday
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